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DANGER!!! Your Website Is Outdated

Worse than death. Worse than the end of the world. What is it you ask? It is the thing that keeps me up at night and haunts my nightmares—having an outdated website! If you walk into someone’s house and they haven’t cleaned it in years, it will most likely smell, have trash throughout the dwelling, and be unappealing to the eye. This is what customers will think if they visit your website and it hasn’t been updated in years. This article will teach you what to look for to determine if your website is outdated.

This is an example of an outdated website. If your website looks like this, you're in trouble.

Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

These days, over half of Internet traffic is generated from a mobile device. A website that isn’t mobile-friendly will immediately turn away mobile visitors. “How do I know if my website is mobile-friendly or not?” Simply visit your website on your mobile phone. If navigating various sections of the website is a painful process, then your website is not mobile-friendly.

Your Website Doesn’t Reflect Your Current Branding or Business

Imagine if you walked into a store advertised as a bookstore, and you asked the person at the front desk to buy a book. Now imagine if they responded that they are no longer a bookstore, and instead, they sell lumber. I’m sure you’d be annoyed, confused, etc. This is how Internet users feel if they encounter your website and it doesn’t reflect what your business is currently about.

Your Website Is Too Simplistic

This means that your website doesn’t have enough content to grab the attention of the user.

Your Website Is Too Cluttered

This means that your website has too much content, and this will cause your website’s visitors to quickly leave.

There’s a sweet spot for how much content your webpage should display. If your website is lacking in content, it will be evident from the moment you visit it. If it has too much content, this could mean the website has a distracting number of pop-ups, ads, flashing text, or animations.

What Do I Do If My Website Is Outdated?

This question is easy. Leave it up to the professionals. Creating a captivating website is hard work that few can achieve. The expertise that the professionals at Avallon & Lorent have regarding redesigning outdated websites is unmatched. Reach out to us today to discuss your web design options.

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